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We’ve partnered with leading business application providers to bring to market the latest software innovations and service delivery standards. Work with us to design and implement solutions across Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management and Execution, Financials, Customer Service and HR. At LeapStoneSoft, we support our customers with both cloud and on-premise solutions.

  • Access to industry knowledge and best practices
  • User training and support
  • Ensure security through critical validation process

Despite the arrival of new low-cost, cloud-based business applications some businesses still rely on spreadsheets and other standalone legacy applications as their primary solution. All too often, one of the key factors holding companies back is understanding how to safely and securely transition to a modern cloud-based solution, especially when IT business transformation is not a core competency of the company.

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It’s our deep technical and business expertise that allows us to deliver measurable results on digital transformation projects quickly, so our customer can compete in the era of the intelligent enterprise. Plain and simple? We understand our customers’ businesses and the industries they serve. LeapStoneSoft Inc. accelerates digital transformation by offering integrated solutions that capture, develop, secure, integrate, analyze and optimize data.

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