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Agility in software development and delivery helps organizations stay ahead of an ever-shifting business environment focused around digital transformation. Software delivery teams are expected to develop faster, test earlier, and release more frequently than ever before. DevOps as a Service moves traditional collaboration to development in the cloud, where many of the processes can be easily automated using stackable, virtual development tools.
With exponential growth in smartphone and tablet usage, companies are focusing more on mobile applications to reach their customer base. As a result, app developers are under tremendous pressure to deliver top-tier mobile apps to market faster than ever before. Mobile apps offer on-demand information and solutions that companies can leverage to provide a superior and delightful experience to its customers. Mobile applications help organizations stay ahead of competition while attracting and retaining customers. Whether you want to build your brand, cultivate customer loyalty, improve user engagement or provide enhanced value to customers, mobile applications are a valuable tool for improving business productivity and effectiveness.
As the benefits of the cloud are becoming more apparent, fast-paced companies are migrating their mission-critical applications to cloud environments at a growing rate. With this shift to the cloud, businesses are challenged with handling applications deployed in a distributed environment. Performance issues, scalability, interoperability, portability and application security are also major barriers to successful cloud adoption. Today, cloud adoption is no longer a means to reducing IT expenses, rather it is a strategic way to transform your business and gain competitive advantage.
With E-commerce transactions on the rise, demands are ever-changing as consumers prefer to shop at the click of a button anytime, anywhere. Businesses without an effective omni-channel retail strategy are quickly falling behind their competitors. Feature-rich E-commerce applications that offer a highly-secure and simple checkout process along with intuitive navigation can help your business grow in leaps and bounds.
Digital transformation is not just a buzzword. It’s a reality that is part of the technology roadmaps of many innovation-driven organizations. Leading companies are utilizing digital technologies to both build their brands and enhance their business and operations. However, legacy systems, dated infrastructure and traditional methods of building applications are becoming major inhibitors for growth. Today’s businesses need a better way to modernize their applications both efficiently and effectively before it’s too late.
While digital transformation is reshaping the IT industry, applications are proliferating at an exponential rate and making it harder for businesses to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Companies are compelled to rethink their business models to improve profitability and flexibility with zero compromise on quality, security and customer satisfaction. To achieve success, modern businesses are effectively adopting agile technologies and processes. Test engineers are under enormous pressure to offer value beyond just testing. This is where the need arises to shift from a quality assurance-focused approach to a quality engineering-focused approach.
LeapStoneSoft has established a center of excellence to focus on the integration of DevOps tools into a coherent toolchain, along with optimal best practices for modern SDLC. Continuous research and integration of DevOps tools in the market are the touchstones making up the core competency of LeapStoneSoft ’s DevOps as a Service. LeapStoneSoft ’s proven best practices in DevOps methodology will help transform the culture and mindset of the organization.
LeapStoneSoft can accelerate mobile app development for all your business needs. We bring expertise in mobile application services for various platforms and operating systems such as Android, Windows or iOS. Our experienced team of mobile developers can help you address complexities to develop, deploy, secure and manage mobile app development projects to meet your business needs.
With our proven expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, LeapStonesoft is your trusted guide to leveraging the limitless power of the cloud. We utilize cutting-edge cloud technologies and creative designs to develop robust cloud applications and solutions that increase productivity while steadily supporting your core business functions. We also offer web and mobile application development services for various platforms and provide multiple levels of managed services to support your business.
With years of E-commerce development experience and expertise, LeapStoneSoft is a pioneer in building custom E-commerce solutions for the some of the world’s leading retailers. Our robust expertise in popular E-commerce platforms and applications enables us to offer affordable and flexible solutions to our valued customers.
LeapStoneSoft’s Application Modernization services help advance your application development in a quick and risk-averse way ensuring faster time-to-market. Our application modernization experts will help you drive revenue generation by removing unnecessary operating costs, improving product quality and freeing-up your staff to focus on higher value work. Partner with us to deliver faster results through flexible teams that can be quickly assembled and deployed based on your business priorities and requirements.
LeapStoneSoft has deep experience in delivering robust Quality Engineering services with reliable testing processes that adhere to the highest level of quality and standards. With 25 years of successful industry experience in executing multiple testing engagements, our technical expertise and structured project management methodologies enable us to deliver high-quality and cost-effective testing solutions. Our market-driven testing approach helps customers identify and eliminate redundancies in costs, infrastructure and processes while ensuring seamless application development. A strict quality-first mindset is simply part of our DNA.

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It’s our deep technical and business expertise that allows us to deliver measurable results on digital transformation projects quickly, so our customer can compete in the era of the intelligent enterprise. Plain and simple? We understand our customers’ businesses and the industries they serve. LeapStoneSoft Inc. accelerates digital transformation by offering integrated solutions that capture, develop, secure, integrate, analyze and optimize data.

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